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IntelliX java collaborative editor is an open-source software. If you would like to participate in development, create your own account at and send a mail at


Project Full Name: IntelliX Java collaborative editor
Project Unix Name: intellix
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IntelliX editor

Here is the second beta version of IntelliX editor, we think is the first editor for Java that uses multimedia tools for development. You are free to use and redistribute it.

Main features of IntelliX editor are java files editing and bookmarking in standalone mode or over LAN or Internet. Bookmarks made on a java file can be very useful to present a new idea, to improve a solution or to share with others informations needed for the good development of a project. A bookmark can contain text or graphical informations or both. And because communication is important, IntelliX gives the possibility to talk with people involved with you in an editing/bookmarking operation. Imagine all your programmers from any corner of the world sitting around the meeting table and discuss a solution. You don't need to bring them together anymore, IntelliX does that for you.

This second beta of IntelliX gives the possibility to share and bookmark java files, but also html, xml and text files.

IntelliX can be used in single mode or in a multimedia environment together with others so you'll need for that a sound card, microphones and IntegraSoft Hermix videoconferencing server. Hermix is a product of IntegraSoft company. For more details about it, see and IntelliX Beta 2 download contains a limited time version of Hermix server.

Please send questions, suggestions and report bugs at
Thank you for testing this beta version!

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